Famous forex broker XMTrading review. A familiar user explains 10 features.

Recommend forex broker

XMTrading is a very popular broker among Forex brokers.
(Hereafter XMTrading is abbreviated as XM.)

I think there are many people who are trading at Forex brokers and have already opened an account with this broker.

It is a very popular and well-known Forex brokers.

Forex for the first time Traders should first experience what forex is like at XM and gain experience

Furthermore, you can get a bonus that you can trade for $ 300 by opening an account even without deposit.

This article explains why it is so popular and features of XM, including disadvantages and cautions.

One of the most popular forex broker that can be used safely

The first thing to consider when you choose a Forex broker is the credibility.In other words, It is important that this broker doesn’t have the possibility to go bankrupt and refuse withdrawals.

You can trade with confidence at XMTrading. Because XMTrading does not have these possibilities.

Therefore it has become one of the most popular forex brokers.

No trouble with withdrawal

XM has been in 10 years from foundation, but XM has rarely ever refused to withdraw money or frozen accounts.

I always can deposit and withdraw without delay. so I can use XMTrading with confidence.

Traders who have raked it by bugs in the system have been refused withdrawals, and withdrawals to accounts in the name of others have been refused.
(This is the exception for “rarely” above.)
That is, if you violate XMTrading’s trading rules, you will be rejected.

XM Group which is operating Tradexfin Limited(XMTrading) has acquired financial licenses worldwide

A financial license is like a license a Forex broker submit to an regulatory agency in each country when it operates.

The company that runs XMTrading is Tradexfin Limited.
XM Group that Tradexfin Limited belongs to has established companies around the world.
It has obtained the following licenses.

Corporate nameCountry license
Trading Point Holdings Ltd (Headquarters)Republic of CyprusCyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC)
License Number:CySEC 120/10
Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK ltdUKUK Financial Conduct Authority(FCA)
License Number:705428
Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty LtdAustraliaAustralian Securities and Investments Commission(ASIC)
License Number:443670
Tradexfin LimitedRepublic of SeychellesFinancial Services Agency Seychelles 
License Number:SD010

Gorgeous bonus. You can start trading simply by opening an account and verifying your identity.

XMTrading has the following bonus campaigns at all times.

  • No deposit bonus
  • Deposit bonus

I have actually traded on XM with a bonus. Let’s take a closer look at how these bonuses work.

You cannot withdraw bonuses. But you can withdraw the profits you have made in the trade using the bonus,

What is a “bonus”? 

.You can trade more than the deposit amount, because the bonus will be the balance of the deposit + bonus margin.

With the account opening bonus, you can trade without deposit. You can withdraw profit made by trading with a bonus.

If you open an XMTrading account and submit your identity verification documents, you will get a bonus of $30 even if you do not deposit funds .

And you can trade with this bonus alone.

Of course you cannot withdraw this bonus. But If you make a profit by trading with a bonus, you can withdraw this profit.

Since you can trade forex without depositing, if you are interested in XM you can open an account and try out.

100% deposit bonus is always available!

If your deposit is up to $ 500 total from the first time, you will receive a 100% bonus on the amount deposited.
This is the deposit bonus.

This allows you to trade twice as much as you deposited.

Also, if the total amount of the deposit is between $ 500 and $ 5000, you will get a 20% bonus on your deposit. In other words, the bonus is in two stages.

An example

When you first deposit $ 200 into XM, a $ 200 bonus will be awarded to your account and your Forex margin will be $ 400.

Suppose further that you have deposited $ 400 into XM.

If your deposit exceeds $ 500, then 20% of the deposit will be credited to your account instead of 100%.

In other words, a bonus of $ 320for $ 300 and $ 100 x 20% = $ 20 will be given to your account at the time of this second deposit.

Then, the total amount you can trade, including the initial deposit and the deposit added later , will be a total of $ 1120 .

( The total amount of the deposit is $ 600. The first $ 200 and the second $ 400. )

Subsequent deposits, up to a total of $ 5000 since the initial deposit, will receive a 20% bonus on your account.

100% bonus may be added to the account even after depositing $ 500 or more (bonus reset)

This will be irregular.

If you deposit more than $ 500 total from the first time , this condition will be reset one day. If you deposit up to $ 500 you will get a 100% bonus again.

Suddenly XM will send you an email to let you know this, so don’t miss it.

The e-mail for this bonus reset is irregular, but I receive my e-mail about once or twice a year.

If the bonus is reset, you can add the 100% bonus again up to $ 500. so So it’s pretty big, for those who are rading high leverage with small amount of money.

Loyalty program gives you a bonus for each trade

XM has a loyalty program that earns points (XMP) for each trade.

This XMP can be exchanged for a bonus available as margin at a rate of
XMP / $3 .

The amount of XMP you can receive will change depending on the “loyalty status” that changes based on the number of days used after opening an account .

Loyalty status XMP Acquisition / LOT Number of days since account opening
GOLD13XMP/lotUse for more than 30 days
DIAMOND16XMP/lotUse for more than 60 days
ELITE20XMP/lotUse for more than 100 days

For example, if you trade 10 lots (million currency) after you have used your account for 100 days, the XMP stored in your account will be 200 XMP .

This is about the same as a bonus of about $ 66, so it will help you surprisingly when you trade.

Excellent execution power and execution speed of XM

XM has announced that 99.35% of all orders will be filled within one second.

No requotes or execution rejections have occurred when I actually use it.

Also, I have been able to open and close new positions without slipping even when the economic indicators were released.

Maximum leverage 1:888. Higher ranking among forex brokers.

Forex brokers have the leverage of roughly 1: 500 as follows, but XM has a maximum leverage of 1: 888 .

Forex BrokersMaximum leverage
Tradeview1: 200
FXCM1: 200
FOREX.com1: 200
Axiory1: 400
iForex1: 400
FXDD1: 500
XM1: 888
TitanFX1: 500
FxPro1: 500
GEMFOREX1: 1,000
FBS1: 3,000

1:888 ranks higher among forex brokers, and you can trade with a sufficiently low margin.

For example, you can trade one lot of USD / JPY with a margin of $ 120, due to the maximum leverage of 1: 888 that XM has.

No fear of debt with Negativa Balace Protection without margin call. The loss cut level is also 20%.

Equipped with Negativa Balace Protection

XM also has Negativa Balace Protection that common forex broker also have.

Negativa Balace Protection is a system where forex Broker compensates if your Forex account balance becomes negative due to loss of position while trading forex.

In short, if you make a big loss, what you lose is the only money deposited into your account by this system.

In the case of stocks, there is a system called “Margin Call”, and you have to pay this loss if you lose more than your account balance.

Stop-Out Level is lower than other brokers

XM has a stop-out level of 20%, which is considerably lower than any forex broker.

The only broker with a low stop-out level is iForex with a 0% loss cut level.

With this stop-out level in XM, you can endure to the last minute, even if the market moves in the opposite direction to the position you have.

A valuable broker supporting both MT4 and MT5

XM supports MT4 which is a popular trading and charting software, but also supports MT5 which is the next generation of MT4 .

It is valuable because there are still few brokers that support MT5.

Price free free
Number of charts that can be displayedMultipleMultiple
Number of default indicators and oscillatorsso manyso many
Quotes, Navigator windowusuallyEasy to use
Cross Order
One click order
Using Strategy Tester
Running speedusuallyfast
Candlestick time frame9 types21 types
Number of custom indicatorsso manyusually
Number of EAsso manyusually
Forex brokers that supportAlmost allFew

MT5 runs faster than MT4 and the screen is easier to understand than MT4.

If you do not use automatic trading programs such as EA, or if you use general technical indicators, I recommend MT5 because MT5 is faster than MT4.

On the other hand, EAs (automatic trading programs) and indicators (technical indicators) distributed and sold on the Internet generally support only MT4 .

So, if you use such things, there is no problem if you use MT4.

Both MT4 and MT5 have iOS and Android apps. Using this app, you can check your trades and your position / display charts on the go.

You can check the details of the trading software on XM’s official website .

Compare XM with other company spreads. XM is higher than other brokers

Currency pairs (pips)iForexXMFBSGEMis6comMyFX
※Both GEM and XM are standard accounts

A broker with a low spread will have a spread of 0.7 pips, as shown in the table above.
(Often 1pips = 0.01cent)

On the other hand, XM has 0.9pips for EUR/USD, but USD/JPY has 1.5pips, and EUR/JPY has 2.5pips, which is higher than other forex brokers.

Spreads are actually lower when including the loyalty program.

Considering the XM loyalty program, spreads in XM are “virtually” lowerthan the spread table above .

If your royalty status is ELITE (100 days or more from account opening) 

You can get 20XMP per lot (100000 currency).

You can exchange 20 XMP for a bonus of about $ 6.7 because you can exchange it for XMP ÷ $ 3 .
$ 6.7 per lot is equivalent to 0.67 pips.

With this bonus, the spread is the same as if you were trading at about 0.67 pips lower.
The actual spread is about 0.9 pips.

status XMP Acquisition / LOTEstimated spread conversion
EXCUTIVE10XMP/lotAbout 0.34pips
GOLD  (30 days or more from account opening)13XMP/lot
About 0.43pips
DIAMOND  (60 days or more from account opening)16XMP/lot約0.53pips
ELITE (100 days or more from account opening )20XMP/lot約0.67pips

Considering the loyalty program in addition to the spread, it can be said that the spread of XM is lower than other forex brokers.

Deposit is free of charge and easy to use

The deposit and withdrawal method of XM is as follows.

  • Credit card/Debit card
  • Wire Transfer

All deposit fees are free.
(Banks may charge a transfer fee)

In addition, I recommend credit card deposits, as credit card deposits are immediately reflected in your account.


the spread of XM is high.
execution power is high.
high leverage.
easy to use than anything brokers.
I am a favorite broker with these features.

Also, you can see that it makes sense that XM is popular among forex traders.

XM is a broker that I want beginners to use by all means.

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